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We're in this together

As we face this uncertain time due to the Coronavirus, we realize this is a very stressful time for you and your families. This threat effects all our stakeholders: members, participants, donors, volunteers and staff. The YMCA is not taking our commitment to Healthy Living and Social Responsibility lightly. We are adapting new strategies and methods to best serve our Coastal Georgia community.

Read CFO, Keith Stephens full temporary staffing memo.

Please direct all email questions here. Our team is working hard to address all of your questions and will be in touch shortly.

Next Steps:

The YMCA will continue to initiate unemployment claims for effected staff every week for as long as the YMCA is unable to offer staff work opportunities. This is supposed to expedite payments of claims. Normally when an employee files, the Georgia Department of Labor will mail forms to the YMCA to verify information and determine eligibility. The YMCA will be providing this information to the the GADOL up front each week to remove that step.

Unemployment Benefits:

The GDOL is currently closed for walk-in service it is only available online. Employees will need to complete this GDOL form

Employees have two options of receiving their a Unemployment Insurance Benefits; direct deposit or the Georgia UI Way2Go debit MasterCard. Employees choosing direct deposit must enter their direct deposit information info on the GDOL website. See instructions below:
  Visit the GDOL website
  Under Online Services Menu, select UI Benefit Payments Method in the Individuals Options Menu
  Employees can elect to have State and/or Federal taxes withheld by GDOL.
  Unemployment benefits are paid on a weekly basis. All weekly earnings over $50 are deducted dollar for dollar from the benefit payment.
Individual Unemployment FAQs                 Employer Unemployment FAQs         Partial Claim FAQs
Unemployment Insurance Handbook



What if someone doesn't want us to file for them?
  • Then we will not file on their behalf; however we must receive a signed written request or email confirmation to HR@YMCAOFCOASTALGA.ORG. When a claim is filed for people that have a second job this can cause issues with their current job, its best for individuals not to file but we must file unless told not to.
How can someone return a card/money they deem overpaid?
Is the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) $600 available to those who do not qualify?
Updated DOL Information for Employees (4/15/2020)
  • Email the link to the COVID-19 Individual FAQs to your employees and review it yourself to help answer their questions.
  • When you file the first week of claims, they will receive a Georgia Way2Go Debit MasterCard® within 7-10 days loaded with their first payment, unless they have direct deposit information on file with GDOL from a previous claim within the last 18 months.
  • After the first week of claims, they can expect payment within 24-48 hours of you submitting their weekly claims.
  • Do NOT tell your employees to claim their weekly benefits with GDOL. You are claiming their weekly benefits for them by filing each week.
  • They can create a PIN online using UI Benefit Payment Methods after their claim is processed by GDOL.
  • They can check the status of their claim and payments using My UI (Check My UI Claim Status). Their PIN is required.
  • They can enroll in direct deposit using Benefit Payment Methods.
  • They cannot enroll in direct deposit until AFTER the first claim is processed by GDOL.
  • They can reset their PINs using Reset Your PIN
  • They are exempt from work search requirements.

PIN Information:

A letter (DOL-8475) will be mailed to you after the partial claim is filed notifying you of your PIN. If you do not receive your PIN notification or do not remember your PIN, follow these instructions to establish a PIN:
A. Go to
B. Select Claim Weekly UI Benefits Payments. You will NOT claim benefits. This online application allows you to establish a new PIN.
C. Enter your Social Security Number.
D. Leave the field labeled “If you have already set up a PIN, enter it here” blank.
E. Enter a 4-digit PIN of your choice in the field labeled “If you need to set up a PIN, enter it here.”
F. Re-enter your 4-digit PIN in the field labeled “Reenter for verification.”
G. Click on the Submit button.
NOTE: If you do not have Internet access to set up direct deposit, you must receive your payments via debit card. The GDOL staff cannot set up direct deposit for you.


UNEMPLOYment Updates from Keith (3/26/2020)

 Clarification on the YMCA shutdown: 
  • We erroneously reported that full time staff would be required to exhaust their vacation time prior to being eligible for unemployment. The Georgia Department of Labor clarified this for us today, and this DOES NOT apply to our YMCA. Full time employees effected by the layoff may retain their benefited hours to use once they return to work. They will be eligible for unemployment benefits at the time of their layoff. 
  • Employees SHOULD NOT file unemployment claims prior to the YMCA initiating claims for unemployment benefits. Partial claims are filed at the end of every work week (Saturday for Hourly, Friday for Salary). If an employee initiates the claim, it has to go through the normal verification process and the employee may experience a delay in their unemployment benefit being awarded.
  • Once the partial claim is filed next week, the GADOL will have most claims processed in 48 hours. Employees will be contacted via mail, or email if they have it on file, with their pin number to access the website and choose their method of payment via direct deposit or pre-paid debit card. No checks are mailed.  
  • The YMCA will continue to file weekly partial claims for all employees who would normally be scheduled to work during the prior week. 

Community Resources:

HERO Database

United Way of Coastal Georgia 

School Lunch Sites - All Counties (coming soon)


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