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good Health is good BUSINESS

Your employee’s health and wellness plays a key factor in the company’s production, attendance, attitude and overall cost or savings of health care and health insurance. We know the importance of leading an active lifestyle and eating healthy, however it is unclear on how to encourage employees to improve their health to help decrease insurance costs. With healthier employees, the company will have a healthier financial future.

By participating in the YMCA Corporate Wellness program, employees receive services that encourage a healthy lifestyle. Healthier employees tend to be more productive, have lower health care costs, take fewer sick days and deal with stress better.

A recent study by the US Department of Health and Human Services reported that companies who offer a Corporate Health and Wellness program benefit by:

  •       Reduced healthcare costs ranging from 20 to 55 percent
  •       Reduced short-term sick leave up to 32 percent
  •       Increased productivity up to 52 percent

Starting is Easy

   1.  Designate a corporate representative to act as a liaison and assist in communicating YMCA benefits to employees.

   2.  Confirm the commitment of 5 or more new and/or existing YMCA memberships from current employees.

   3.  Determine the level of your company’s financial commitment:

  • Your company can pay all employee membership dues to give employees the best possible financial option; in turn the YMCA    will waive the joiner’s fee.
  • Your company can pay a portion of each employee’s membership dues and receive a waived joiner’s fee.
  • Employees pay full membership dues through payroll deduction with a waived joiner’s fee or directly to the YMCA with a 75%   discount on the joiner’s fee.
  • Contact the YMCA for any additional information, to get your company added and to set up a date for employee enrollment.

For more information, please contact Susan Lindsey at 912.354.5480

Share Y Information with your Company

  •       Assist employees with part of full monthly payments
  •       Include the YMCA in your employee newsletters
  •       Invite the YMCA to conduct on-site health symposiums
  •       Invite the YMCA to be a part of your yearly employee benefits meeting
  •       Have membership information available in your Human Resources Dept
  •       Display YMCA corporate brochure on your community board
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